When will i meet my life partner astrology

when will i meet my life partner astrology

Planetary Movements. Date : 17 Oct, One fine morning when you are heading to your workplace, you meet your dream partner! Your eyes meet, and love sparks! Yesterday night you heard the podcast on How To Identify Your Soulmateand today you are meeting him in person!

How dreamy and fantasized it sound? Well, We all daydream about our soulmate, but unfortunately, it is hard to find our twin flame! Although we have tools to uncover our partner's details. Marriage horoscope is age-old technology to portray your soulmate! Keep on reading to know how he or she will be, which planets direct your love life and how Kundali matching is beneficial to you! Get your Astrology Birth Chart. Those who never heard this term before will be confused when I will state the features of your partner based on it.

Astrology is a future prediction tool, working on the concepts of interdependent Universe. We are all connected, and celestial bodies have a profound impact on our life. Moreover, decoding these effects by mapping the position of every planet at the time of our birth is known as horoscope. Astrologers can foresee every aspect of your life through it. It is surprising how accurately your horoscope can predict about your spouse. And for that, they see marriage horoscope. Will you have a love marriage, or you will tie an arranged knot?

Will you meet your dream man in India, or your love story will take you across oceans? Thinking all this may give you goosebumps. Marriage horoscope can rest your curiosity. When a couple decides to get married, astrologers carefully match their kundalis horoscope.

Based on the placements of various stars, they evaluate their compatibility. Kundali matching can project your future journey as a couple. Also, it can anticipate the physical traits, behavioral patterns, and even their nature. This is how you can understand your dream partner and also your journey with him.

A few key stars and their positions in various houses hold the secrets of your life partner. Let's dig deep into it now! As per Vedic astrologyevery planet impacts our journey. An expert astrologer can accurately forecast at which age you will marry and what will be the first alphabet of your partner's name.

A few planets and their places are very significant and has a considerable influence on our romantic relationship. Did you check your horoscope?And marriage? But BOTH of these life changing events can be predicted in your birth chart! Every single arena of life has a place in the birth chart. Falling in love is the domain of the 5th house in your birth chart. Now, look to the sign that is on the cusp or beginning of your 5th house and find out what planet rules that sign see below.

Once you know which planet rules the sign of your 5th house, find where that planet is in your particular birth chart. This planet, when triggered in a positive aspect in the current skies a conjunction, sextile or trine will put you in a cycle of love. Using my chart as an example, I have the sign Leo on the 5th house cusp. That means my 5th house is ruled by the Sun.

My Sun is placed in Taurus in the 1st house of my chart. So I know that whenever the Sun in Taurus is receiving positive aspects from any outer planet in the sky Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto that I am in a positive love cycle. Why only consider the outer planets? Because the inner or personal planets move too quickly to matter much when you are making a major life prediction.

For the major events of your life to occur, the outer planets must be transiting one of your ruling planets, personal planets, or an angle in your birth chart. So how can I use this example to illustrate falling in love? In Astrology, the best way to predict the future is to look at your past. The Astrology connected to my 5th house and the ruler of my 5th house is uncanny! It took a couple of months to fall in love, and the Astrology corroborates why.

When we met, transiting Jupiter and Venus were both in my 5th House of True Love, but Venus was in a retrograde cycle. Venus stationed direct two days after we met and this is probably the reason why I decided to give things a second chance.

Sure enough, we started to date and within a few short months I realized at 17 years old that I had fallen in love with a soul mate.

It hit me suddenly. I went from not liking this man at all to gradually getting to know him and starting to really like him to then, all of a sudden, realizing I was completely in love.

So what do you think was going on with my Sun, the ruler of my 5th house? At that time Neptune, the planet of dreams, and Uranus, the planet of sudden surprises, were trine my Sun! And Jupiter was moving through my 5th house when we met, then went back into my 5th house when I realized I had fallen in loveFunny enough, I love these types of questions.

Being able to look into potential time periods when the universe is conspiring to make huge changes is my favorite part about astrology. While there are many ways of doing this—including Tarot cardsrunes, pendulums, or simply following your intuition—astrology has been my favorite way to help others ride the waves of the universe.

After I looked to my chart, though, I saw that nothing more than casual dating was in store for me for the next few years gasp! Once over the initial shock of multiple years of singledom, I think this really helped me to focus on self-growth, development, and self-care in a way that I probably would not have otherwise. With that said, when analyzing at a chart, I try look for a couple key indicators. So without further ado, here are the top 5 astrological interactions that predict love.

This is the time for play, dating, creativity, flirting.

Who Will Be My Life Partner According To Astrology?

Meeting and greeting should be all too easy here. This is heightened even more when harmonious aspects are connecting with planets in the fifth house. So if Jupiter is in the seventh house making a 60 degree angle to Venus in the fifth house, I tell folks to make sure they leave the house looking their best, prepared to collect numbers. Similar to the fifth house, the seventh house relates to love in astrology.

The biggest difference is this is where serious relationships are experienced in the chart.

when will i meet my life partner astrology

The fifth house is all about dating and romance, the seventh house is all about long term partnerships and marriage. When someone asks me about when a serious relationship is coming up, I look to see where Saturn planet of foundation is. If I find him in the seventh house, I know that this person will be looking for something serious and long term, as this is the lesson their soul wants them to focus on right now. Often folks will marry or at the least get engaged with this transit.

Other planets I love to see in this part of the chart is Jupiter. He brings expansion and good fortune, which naturally makes it easier to find a relationship with this aspect. A new moon here could indicate the start of a new chapter of your love life as well. Saturn harmoniously interacting with Venus could absolutely indicate a significant relationship in the near future.

Saturn represents commitment, responsibility, discipline, and Venus represents loveeee. When these two team up, you end up with some sort of love commitment.

Romantic relationships is definitely one of those things that helps us do exactly this. Similar to when Saturn and Venus team up, when Jupiter and Venus team up, it can definitely bring some sparkle to your love life. The energy of Jupiter might not be as serious as that of Saturn, but it sure does bring its own magic to the party.

Angles that are most harmonious are sextiles 60 degreestrines degreesconjunctions 0 degrees. Last but not least is the progressed moon. I love to look at other aspects in a progressed chart but my most favorite is the progressed moon!

The progressed moon takes years to move through a house, and therefore takes years to make a full rotation around the chart. And mostly it does!! Now that you are equipped with some of my fool proof aspects to look for, be sure to drop us a note and let us know if you see anything cool coming up for you.

Plus, one final way to test out the energy is to back track and look at your chart on the dates of significant relationship changes for you. You can start to see patterns that you can look for in the future. Manage your newsletters To manage your subscriptions, please type in your email below.For Predicting about your Life Partner in astrology, your date of birth and time will be required. You have to use of some Principle of Vedic astrology. Using these Principles in your Horoscope, You will be able to Know a Lot of information about your future spouse.

I will try to give you information about how you can use this method for Future Wife prediction or Future husband Prediction from your date of birth and time. You can read them for to know what is stored in your Future. Now Lets discuss every point to know how we can use this technique for future spouse prediction through Date of birth and Time.

You can read our article if you are interested to know about the Look and appearance of Spouse. Lagna or Ascendant is our Physical existence. So it is the mirror house of our self. Wife or Life partner are that mirror. Again we have to remember that there can be difference between what we want and what we get. Moon is our Mind. So the 7th house from moon is the mirror of our mind.

So 7th house from Moon will tell us about what our mind want or what type of partner we want in spouse prediction in astrology. So it means we have to check the sign of the 7th house, planets posited in 7th house and position of 7th Lord from both Lagna and Rashi for spouse prediction in astrology. For example, suppose you are Taurus Lagna and Mithun Rashi.

Your 7th house from Lagna is Scorpio which is a martian sign and secretive sign. So you can get a spouse who can be secretive, revengeful, quarrelsome etc. But as your 7th house is having Sagittarius sign, your mind always want a person who will be ethical, loyal, upright, religious, knowledgeable etc.

When Will I Find True Love? Astrology Knows

So there is a difference between what you want and what you get. Book Your Consultation! With Sun in 7th house, Your Life partner can be from very good family, very generous, ambitious etc. But your spouse can be dominating at times and can also be egoistic. Sun is a dry planet. So its placement in 7th house is not considered Auspicious. If this sun is exalted in Navamsa or Saptamsha, aspected by benefic planet like Jupiter or Moon, you can expect your spouse to have elegant personality and very good nature.Check out the links provided below!

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Zee News Astrology. Astrology Mercury Retrograde Astrology Health Your Yearly Chinese Astrology Horoscope Tamil Astrology Number 8. So hat's the age you'll meet YOUR Author: Emily Ratay. Get timing of meeting soulmate vedic astrology advice from our expert about life partner. The Soulmate Reading starts with the incredible accuracy and precision of horary astrology, ideally suited to answering questions of love, relationships and marriage.

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Yes, and I always have wondered what that was about. Maybe, I am not sure. Yes, one number always jumps out at me. Yes, I do feel there is one number that is spiritual in some way. I have never noticed that. Totally into it!

The Age You'll Be When You Finally Meet Your Soulmate, According To Your Zodiac Sign

I dabble in it. I find it amusing. Not at all. For sure. Well, I think so. I don't know. It is exactly It is a little more than It is way more than Of course. I have some of that myself. I don't think I do, but I am not sure. No way. Yes, it is under 5. Yes, it is between 5 and No, it is over Yes, I do. No, but I have heard of it.

when will i meet my life partner astrology

No, I don't. Yes, I see one of those numbers all the time. I think they might, I have a strong feeling.There is a passion for everyone to know about their love life, that where will my soul mate come from and I will get my true love or not? This is the most wanted subject in astrology as well. Age is not even a bar. There are people who married during the second half of life. There are many relations in our life.

We have karmic debt with so many people and they will come to our life during different time period. There are people who destined for more than one spouse. For some people, there is only one spouse. Astrology can give you a lot of information regarding your love life.

This is the main indicator of love in astrology. For males and females, Venus indicates their love life. So, if they have a good love and marriage, then Venus should be finely placed.

It should be placed in a positive house, and aspected by benefics, neither retrograde nor debilitated. If your Venus is not in such a placement, then you will definitely have some issues in your love life. Venus is, of course, the indicator for love, but for the woman, Jupiter is the indicator of the husband. The same rule is applicable to Jupiter. This planet should be in a good house aspected by good planets neither retrogrades or debilitated.

That assures a good marital life. If both the planets are combust, retrograde, debilitated and influenced by negative planets then there can be some challenges from your relationships. Our 7th house indicates our love and marital life. The 7th house is the indicator of spouse or marriage. This house also should have a good influence. There should not be any negative planets or good planets in negative mode. Even if there are no planets, that is not a bad thing.

Now, there are 12 signs in astrology. The sign which rules the 7th house normally represents your spouse. The planet which rules the 7th house will have a lot to say about your spouse. Your 7th division for the spouse is ruled by Libra, ruled by Venus. So, Venus will be the indicator for your spouse. The 7th house from Taurus is Scorpio is ruled by Mars. So, Mars will be the indicator of your spouse.

when will i meet my life partner astrology

The 7th house from Gemini is ruled by Sagittarius. It is ruled by Jupiter. So, Jupiter is the planet ruling your spouse. The 7th house from Cancer is ruled by Capricorn.

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