Last of us 2 leaked plot summary

Keep reading, but beware that the spoilers are very real…. Because only clips of the game have leaked a lot of the connecting plot is still unclear, but Abby has a vendetta against Joel and Ellie for murdering her parents — who were possibly amongst the Fireflies killed by Joel at the end of the first game.

The other huge spoiler is that Abby appears to kill Joel fairly early on in the game, caving his head in with a golf club. Once you take control of Abby your goal is to kill Ellie. The Last Of Us Part 2 is a PlayStation 4 exclusive but despite being essentially finished it currently has no release dateas Sony were worried about the availability of physical copies during the coronavirus pandemic.

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More Stories. Today's Best Discounts.Set five years after The Last of Usplayers control two characters in a post-apocalyptic United States: Elliewho sets out for revenge, and Abby, a soldier who becomes involved in a conflict between a militia and a cult. The game is played from the third-person perspective. Players can use firearms, improvised weaponsand stealth to defend against enemies and cannibalistic creatures infected by a mutated strain of the Cordyceps fungus.

Neil Druckmann returned as creative directorco-writing the story with Halley Gross. The game's themes of revenge and retribution were inspired by Druckmann's experiences growing up in Israel. Their performances included the simultaneous recording of motion and voice. The developers pushed the technical capabilities of the PlayStation 4 during development. Gustavo Santaolalla returned to compose and perform the score.

Development reportedly included a crunch schedule of hour workdays. It was praised for its performances, characters, visual fidelity, and gameplay mechanics; the narrative and representation of a transgender character polarized critics and the community.

The game was the subject of review bombing on Metacritic. Part II became one of the best-selling PlayStation 4 games and the fastest-selling platform exclusive, selling over four million units in its release weekend. The player traverses post-apocalyptic environments such as buildings and forests to advance the story.

The player can use firearms, improvised weaponsand stealth to defend against hostile humans and cannibalistic creatures infected by a mutated strain of the Cordyceps fungus. In combat, the player can use long-range weapons, such as rifles and bows, [1] [6] and short-range weapons such as pistols and revolvers. Though the player can attack enemies directly, they can also use stealth to attack undetected or sneak by them.

Four years later, Joel and Ellie Ashley Johnson have built a life in Jacksonthough their relationship has become strained. They return to an outpost run by Abby's group. Tommy sets out for Seattle to hunt Abby, and Ellie and Dina follow him.

After escaping a WLF ambush, Ellie reveals her immunity to Dina, who in turn reveals she is pregnant. Ellie tracks down Nora and tortures her for information on Abby's location, which traumatizes Ellie. Devastated, she tells Joel they are "done".

last of us 2 leaked plot summary

In the present, Ellie's group is ambushed by Abby, who kills Jesse and holds Tommy hostage. Three days earlier, Abby learns that Owen, her ex-boyfriend, has gone missing while investigating Seraphite activity. Abby searches for Owen and is captured by the Seraphites.

Though Yara is gravely injured, Abby leaves them to find Owen who, disillusioned with the war, plans to sail to Santa Barbara, Californiawhere the Fireflies may be regrouping.

After the surgery, Lev runs away to convince his mother to leave the Seraphite cult, forcing Abby and Yara to pursue him. They find him in the Seraphite settlement, where Lev has accidentally killed his mother in self-defense.

The trio flee as the WLF begins an assault on the Seraphites. The pair return to find Owen and Mel dead and a map left by Ellie leading to her hideout.

Abby shoots Tommy and brawls with Ellie and Dina, overpowering them. Ellie begs her to spare Dina's life, as she is pregnant. At Lev's insistence, Abby spares them both and tells them to leave Seattle.

A year later, Ellie and Dina are living on a farm, raising Dina and Jesse's son, though Ellie suffers from posttraumatic stress. When Tommy arrives with information on Abby's whereabouts, Ellie leaves to find her, despite Dina's pleas.The community's response has been negative due to some hugely controversial plot points that could prove more traumatic than some of the biggest twists from the original. This article contains major spoilers for The Last of Us Part 2.

Read on at your own discretion. What happened — Major plot details and even some cinematic clips from The Last of Us Part 2 have been leaked online, giving away key story elements and showing off more gameplay. The original leak came in the form of a video that has since been taken down from YouTube due to copyright claims. But details from the leak have been shared in the form of reposted videos and threads on forums like ResetEra.

The Last of Us Part 2 leaked story spoilers – read everything here

Who leaked — The exact source of the leak has yet to be determined, but GamesIndustry. While addressing a thread discussing this rumor on Twitter, Bloomberg 's Jason Schreier stated : "Folks I've talked to at Naughty Dog believe that the leaker wasn't actually an employee, though I haven't seen any proof yet.

Why they leaked — We don't know for sure why anyone would leak such crucial details about a game, or why a supposed developer would leak details for a game they have been working on for years.

Considering the reports of insane crunch at Naughty Dog and the game's delay due to the coronavirus, both factors could've influenced their decisions. Schreier did point out that "with everyone working from home, video game builds are far less secure than they would be if they could only be played in the office," so keep in mind that these leaks could've been illegally obtained by a hacker.

What's in the leak — The leaked videos showcase more gameplay, and it mostly looks like a more polished version of the first game. But the video also revealed some important scenes and level details that give away The Last of Us Part 2 ' s biggest twists.

What's new in the leak — Perhaps the biggest surprise is the revelation that Ellie isn't the only protagonist of The Last of Us Part 2. The other playable character is Abby, a woman who was introduced during the Paris Games Week trailer.

Very little was known about her previously, but these new leaks reveal that she's the daughter of the surgeon Joel killed towards the end in the first game during his mission to rescue Ellie. The switch to Abby's perspective happens about halfway through the sequel, according to a level list also included in the leaks.

This makes for a controversial choice considering the leaks also reveal that Abby kills Joel with a golf club. Jesse, another character who was featured in the E3 traileris also confirmed to die at some point. The story comes to a head as players fight Ellie and Dinah but play as Abby. Despite some preivous leaks claiming that Ellie dies, this leak suggests that she will live through Abby's attack.

The Last of Us 2 Leaks are Pathetic

The cyclical nature of revenge is the very obvious theme connecting it all, exploring how it changes Ellie and Abby. Based on these leaks, it sure looks like Naughty Dog wants to comment on how revenge can make a villain out of anyone. This makes for a surprising and subversive route for The Last of Us Part 2 's story to take, and it's not one that sounds like fun to experience firsthand.

How the leak affects release date — Seemingly because of these leaks, Sony announced a new release date for The Last of Us Part 2 : June The official blog post announcing the release date doesn't mention the leaks specifically, but the timing of the announcement certainly pulled some attention away from the leak. What Naughty Dog has said about the leaks — Initially, Naughty Dog and Sony Interactive Entertainment did not officially comment directly on the leaks.

Acknowledging them at all would validate them and likely attract more attention to an already frustrating leak. Sony did intervene to have the leaked video down right away and has been hiding the tweets of people spoiling the game on their official Twitter account.

last of us 2 leaked plot summary

Naughty Dog posted a message asking people to ignore the leaks on Twitter not long after the release date announcement. Heartbroken for our fans. And Mute. What's next? The developers may have gotten away with these more subversive plot elements if they'd been experienced directly through the game rather than a bland summary of plot points in this leak. Now, expectations have seemingly been lowered for the game, so the final product will have to deliver. The developers had been making the game in secret for years, and having the game's biggest twists revealed this close to launch must be disheartening, especially if it did come from a Naughty Dog employee.

The game's story is clearly going in a very bold and somewhat odd direction, and that hasn't gone over well with some people because major moments were leaked without subtlety or context.

The Last of Us Part 2 will be out on June 19, and players will just have to make their own decisions about the quality of the story. For anyone who successfully avoids having the story spoiled ahead of time, these major plot points might be told effectively.Of course, potential spoilers will follow:.

According to the leak, the group are deeply religious, white supremacists who believe homosexuality is a sin and supposedly kill Dina because of her relationship with Ellie. The first is Jesse, Dina's former boyfriend, and the second is, of course, Joel. The leak also claims that the woman in the mysterious second trailer for the game is Ellie's mother, who supposedly conceived the protagonist with one of the members of the cult as they are allegedly immune to the virus.

The leak itself, while definitely having ideas that are plausible from what has been shown through gameplay, is almost certainly false, with the leaker even claiming "I am the immediate family member of someone working at Naughty Dog. A number of Reddit users have already pointed out inaccuracies in the leak, with one claiming "This one claims Dina dies in Jackson, but it's clear she's still around for the Seattle section afterward," citing the recently leaked gameplay as proof.

While it seems unlikely this leak is legit, it's interesting nonetheless. Callum is a freelance games journalist from Wales in the UK. He loves telling people that games are an evolving art form even when they don't ask and will fight to the death anyone who doesn't agree that Shadow Of The Colossus is the greatest game of all time.

By Callum Williams Apr 07, Share Tweet Email 0. What Dr.Major spoilers for Naughty Dog's The Last of Us Part II hit the internet in late April, and despite early rumors that the source was a disgruntled employee, the true story behind the leaks exposes a more sinister side to fandom.

Most importantly, rumors of this being an act of protest by a contractor whose pay was robbed are not true. What specific vulnerability led to this Last of Us 2 leak? Sony and Scheier's comments were both vague in how they presented the information, but PixelButts' and Kotaku 's reports provide more specific context to about how the leak happened. They both revealed that a hacker group found a way to access Amazon servers that stored data for games like Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception and The Last of Us.

The group managed to take 1 TB of data from a server for The Last of Us before the end of March, and while PixelButts made Naughty Dog aware of the vulnerability in February, access to those Amazon servers wasn't fixed until "on or before April PixelButts told Kotaku that while this hacker group is definitely connected to the leak, "their circle is more just [Naughty Dog] enthusiasts that like development content from their games, rather than malicious actors.

What does this say about the fandom? This is just one of the latest major story leaks to plague an entertainment franchise. When said fans don't approve of certain plot details or prominent characters, these kinds of leaks wind up feeling mean-spirited — literal spoilers meant to spoil the experience for everyone else.

We don't currently know what motivated the leaker behind The Last of Us Part 2' s leaks, but the conjecture we're left with based on comments from PixelButts is that they're related to this group of fans. Leakers like this seem keen on sowing discord amongst the series' fans by leaking divisive story details to the public. This feels a pattern we've seen over and over again with these kinds of major leaks. We saw it with major Disney movies and even with Game of Thrones.

Rather than let creators tell their stories in the way they were intended, plot details are seemingly released with the aim of aggravating fans and destroying their enjoyment of the film, TV show, or video game. The narrative becomes that for any fans who don't enjoy where a franchise is going, they can spoil the experience for everyone else this way. It represents the most sinister sides to fan culture.

Inverse reached out to PixelButts for additional comment on the leaks, but did not receive an answer. Tomas Franzese. Jason Schreier explains how these The Last of Us 2 leaks happened.

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last of us 2 leaked plot summary

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The Last of Us 2 Plot Reportedly Revolves Around LGBTQ Prosecution (Spoiler)

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last of us 2 leaked plot summary

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