Can you use bike lube on skateboard bearings

I have some chain lubricant and I am wondering if it is safe to lube up my slow bearings on my skateboard with it Yeah man. Of course that will be fine. I've done that before when I was younger because I had nothing else lol. Yeah, just put it on and roll your wheels and put more on. Do that for a few days in a row and your bearings will be spinning and spinning and spinning! I would go for WD or standard household oil.

But it should be fine and much better than nothing. WD has small particles in it and should never be used for bearings. It does the same thing water does, destroying them from the inside out, as its purpose is to scrape out a small layer while lubricating for hinges on doors and such. Trending News. White House rescinds rule on foreign students.

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How to Lube a Bicycle

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Favorite Answer. Yes, Chain Lube will work just fine. It's oil, but may be thick. I would'nt do that because it will work fine for a day and then get even worse try wd How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Geoffrey G. Yeah it would be fine i've done it before and it made the wheels spin faster. Show more answers 1. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.Professional quality skateboard bearings often have clearances and tolerances that are thinner than a strand of hair.

Some lubricants offer a 2-in-1 solution with an oil and a cleanser, while others focus on one or the other. Read customer reviews. Bones Speed Cream uses a specialized blend of low viscosity, high speed lubricants to help your precision bearings roll faster and longer with significantly less wear.

The high-temperature formula is proven to reduce friction and provide a durable micro film of lubricant to protect against corrosion. Tests have shown that Bones Speed Cream Skate Bearing Lubricant is superior to Teflon-based lubricants in skate environments, too, so you can bank on high performance results. Boca Bearings High Speed Oil is a great all-purpose lubricant for bearings, bike chains, RC parts, fishing reels, and more.

The formula is thin and lightweight, and an ideal choice to minimize friction and reduce drag. It comes in a 12cc bottle with a syringe tip for easy application. Monkey Loob is the perfect solution for all of your greasy needs. It works great on skateboards, bikes, machines, metal, chains, gears, fishing reels, and just about any moving parts that need greasing.

You can even use it to create a protective water-repellent layer for the bore of your firearms. It cleans and removes dirty buildup on skateboard bearings, inline skates, bicycles, antiques, sewing machines, even cars and trucks.

It forms a protective shield to protect against rust, corrosive buildup, and abrasive particles like sand, dirt, and salt. It also protects against moisture, too. Triple Elite Liberty Oil is also a good cleaner, too. Where ordinary solvent-based cleaners lack the oil power to lubricate the surface, this product is an oil-based cleaner that coats the surface with an oil film that cuts friction, cleans, and protects. If you can picture it, Triple Clean coats each particle in your bearing and basically acts like miniature ball bearings so that the particles slide over the surface with ease.

If you decide to purchase a cleaner separately from your lubricant, consider the Oust Bearings Speed Kleen Kit for your cleaner.

All Oust products are made in the USA, and this particular kit includes the cleaning solvent, bearing holder, and a washing container. If you keep riding on dirty and poorly-lubricated bearings, you run the risk of permanently damaging your bearings.

Use that to clean your bearings before each time you lubricate, and the combo will keep your skateboard running smooth for a long time.

can you use bike lube on skateboard bearings

I created my own skating blog for one simple reason, to help you find the best skateboards and accessories for your next session. About Privacy Policy Contact Sitemap. SeekSkateboards is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.To ensure that your best skateboard bearings run optimally for a long time, it is wise to regularly remove sand, dirt and moisture from the bearings and then grease them again.

This will keep your bearings at their speed and last longer. Check whether the bearings are open or closed. Only open ball bearings can be maintained — open ball bearings have a sealing washer which can be removed on both sides. Remove the sealing washer with the help of a pointed object not all ball bearings have such a sealing washer. Many ball bearings also have a locking ring which must be removed before the sealing washer can be removed.

Put the ball bearings in the bowl with the detergent. Clean the ball bearings thoroughly by brushing them and clean the bowl several times for a few minutes.

Take the ball bearings out of the bowl and remove debris from the cleaning agent by rotating the ball bearings and blowing them at the same time preferably with compressed air. Put the ball bearings on a piece of cloth or kitchen roll. Check if the ball bearings are really clean. Hold the ball bearing on the inner ring and slightly turn the outer ring. If the ball bearing does not rotate easily or if you can hear clearly crunching noises, it is not yet clean.

Repeat the cleaning process again. With very dirty ball bearings it can happen that you have to repeat all steps times. If the ball bearings lie on a piece of fabric, fresh lubricant can be applied.

Drops drops of oil not more, as this only attracts more dirt or about 3mm of grease into the ball bearing. Distribute the lubricant afterwards by turning the ball bearing the best way to do this is to put the ball bearings on a drill.

Bicycle bearing greases – explained

Finally, the sealing washers and possibly also the sealing rings are put back on the ball bearings. If you maintain and clean your ball bearings very regularly, the sealing washers do not necessarily have to be fitted.

can you use bike lube on skateboard bearings

You can also simply put the open side inwards into the role. Carefully lubricate a thin layer of oil on the outer metal parts of the ball bearing to prevent rust.

can you use bike lube on skateboard bearings

Reinstall the ball bearings in the rollers and on your inline skates. After cleaning ball bearings, it is normal that you have to drive a few kilometers before the lubricant has spread correctly in the bearing and the ball bearing runs optimally.Skateboard bearings are the parts inside the skateboard wheels that allow them spin. Over time, bearings can collect dirt and dust, which will slow the wheels and damage the bearings.

Occasionally cleaning and oiling your skateboard bearings will keep them in good shape, and keep your wheels rolling quickly and smoothly. There are different types of skateboard bearings. The method you use for oiling your bearings will depend on the type of bearings you have. Some bearings are sealed and are not meant to be opened for oiling. Other bearings have removable shields made of metal or rubber.

There is a basic method of cleaning and oiling skateboard bearings that have removable shields. Remove the skateboard wheels from the trucks. The trucks house the axles and hold the wheels to the skateboard. Remove the hex nuts from the ends of the axles and take off the wheels. Remove the bearings from the wheels. Use a small flat-head screwdriver to gently pry the bearings out of the wheels.

Each wheel has two bearings. Remove all eight bearings. Remove the shields from the bearings. In some bearings, the shields are held in place with a thin c-ring. If your bearings have c-rings, pry them out with your screwdriver. Pop the shield out by gently poking it from the other side of the bearing with a straight pin.

Be careful not to damage the shields. Soak the bearings. Place all eight bearings, as well as the c-rings and shields, in a bowl with either a solvent, such as acetone, or a biodegradable detergent.

Use enough solvent or detergent to completely cover the bearings. Allow the bearings to soak until they are clean. Allow the bearings to dry. Once the bearings are clean, remove them from the solvent and place them on a paper towel to dry completely. If you used a detergent, rinse the bearings thoroughly with water, and then set them out to dry. Oil the bearings. Add only a few drops of lubricating oil in the spaces between the ball bearings.

Roll the ball bearings around with your finger to make sure oil is evenly applied. The type of oil you use is up to you. Reassemble the bearings. Put the shields and c-rings back in the bearings, put the bearings back the in wheels, and put the wheels back on the trucks.

You can speed up the drying time after you have removed the bearings from the solvent by using a hair dryer on them. Grease can be used instead of oil; however, bearings lubricated with grease tend not to spin as fast, according to SkateLog. Oil intended specifically for use on skateboard bearings is available. WD and 3-in-1 oil are not recommended for oiling skateboard bearings.The question is, how to lubricate bearings.

OK, Do you know the difference between lubricating and cleaning the bearings? If you say that there is not much difference between these two, then your words are somewhat correct. Two results are almost the same. Any vehicles or skateboard are run fast due to clearing the bearing. And because of the lubricating the bearings, the vehicle or the wheel moves fast. If you know about cleaning the bearingshow to lubricate bearing will be very easy for you. Bearing plays a major role in keeping the wheel moving.

As the bearings lubricate, the wheel rotates faster; in one word the wheel can change its performance. The main purpose of bearing lubricate is to increase the speed of the wheels by reducing the friction ball. A wheel can be used for the long period when the friction ball is reduced between the wheel and the road.

There are several components to lubricate the bearing. The oil and grease are the main components among those. But if not applied correctly, the bearing efficiency can be broken and the bearings can be permanently disabled. So you should lubricate it regularly after cleaning the bearing. You can complete the process by adopting the following methods. Expert users usually complete this task in two ways; by using oil and grease. But through research, we got more the uses of oil. Our discussion topic is going to be the same way.

After separating the seal from the bearings in the above-mentioned procedure, insert oil into a syringe. Although you cannot specify the amount of oil. However, the amount of grease can be specified. After applying the oil on the bearing, put the seal immediately. It has been said before that it is possible to specify the amount of grease.

Basically, this percentage is compared between the internal space of bearings and the amount of grease. If you want, you can fill percent internal space of the bearings with grease. It will be best is if you use grease by maintenance with the grade. It is good to use grade because the bearing is rotated very smoothly in this grade. And this is one of the most effective solutions for skateboards. For the temporary period, you can lubricate the bearing without the oil and grease.

This work can be done from household items. According to the size of the vehicle, the size of the bearing varies. But all the bearings are made with the same material.

But our recommendation is to use grease because it is a chronic and easy solution.There are two ways to clean skateboard bearings -- a fast, easy way that is OK for your bearings and a longer, more complicated way that is far better for your bearings.

You should clean your skateboard bearings if your bearings have slowed down, seem mucky, or if they make a gravely, junky sound when you spin your wheels. To avoid getting to that point, you should clean your bearings fairly often, even when they are only a little dirty or just haven't been cleaned in a long time. Cleaning your skateboard bearings like this from time to time will increase your bearings' lifespan and improve your skateboarding experience -- meaning you'll have more fun on your board.

You can clean your bearings without removing them, but you won't get them very clean that way. It's quick and easy. You need some rags, towels or paper towels -- this will get messy, so if you are going to clean your bearings in the living room of your house, make sure you put down a lot of towels. And, you might not want to wear your favorite clothes. The problem with the quick method is that the cleaner contains surfactants and perfumes that aren't the best for skateboard bearings.

The best product to use is Tri-Flow Superior Lubricant. You can pick it up at most hardware stores. The spray nozzle makes it super easy to use, and Tri-Flow is designed to not leave any residue behind.

Do not use WD or anything like it. WD and other cheaper lubricants leave behind a film that actually collects dirt and dust.

Shake the lubricant well before using it. Hold the bearing and using Tri-Flow, blast the heck out of it. Aim around the edges of the bearing and blast into every edge you find. You should notice an awful lot of dark, blackish, nasty muck coming out of the bearing. That means that it really needed the cleaning. This is why you really want a lot of rags or towels under your work, and why you don't want to be wearing your favorite clothes.

This can get pretty messy. Really hose these suckers down. Use as much of the lubricant as you need. Flip the bearings over and clean both sides. You'll want to set it on it on rags or towels because it will continue to leak for a while.I know bones speed cream is the best, but there are no skateshops around here and to get anything skate related I have to order online. I've heard of using 3-in-1 oil, does that work? Someone doesn't read threads anymore. If he doesn't have any local shops, it's pretty fucking hard to support them.

I would have done the same thing. Hahahaha holy shit I completely spaced out on that part of the post. Use chain lube sold for bicycles -- it's bearing lube. If you ride in the wet, or are lazy about it, use white lithium grease and only put in enough to fill the bearing HALF way.

If you pack the bearing full, it will be slow as hell. In my experience, using silicone lube, it is lighter and less durable than chain and bearing lube.

It doesn't hold up on chains or bearings as long as the purpose-made oils and greases. Works great on Hot Wheels, power tools, etc I have liquid and aerosol on the build-bench.

How To Lubricate Bearings

I've used WD That's how i popped a bearing. Just don't use WD How do you feel about Astroglide Mr. All rights reserved.

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